Its always because of sexism !


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  1. Posted by TehDuckSide, — Reply

    My favorite part about this is the actual article about it was making fun of feminism and it's hilarious

  2. Posted by jaqulean_heller, — Reply

    Yes. It 100% isn't about the fact that he plays 1 of 2 Main Roles But hold on now - untill someone says it's sexist. It isn't, because a Man plays the Main Role... but the 2nd Main Role was a Woman (and she was payed a bit more $ than Chris Pratt).

  3. Posted by xxglossii, — Reply

    Jesus I wish people like this would fuck off. Feminists don’t actually care about that—it’s true that he was the star, and therefore got more money. Stop making feminists look bad because there are genuinely serious things we gotta deal with. Don’t be childish.

  4. Posted by 0jessicaruth0, — Reply

    How much was the other lady paid? (the aunt called Claire, red hair, white clothes, was meant to be looking after the kids) it would be more fair to compare them instead since she’s also a star character although he’d still get paid more since he’s been in more movies and I can’t even think of one other movie she’s been in

  5. Posted by F0rkk, — Reply

    Can you believe the start of the movie is paid more than those trees in the background Can you believe this we need to riot or somethin this is unacceptable

  6. Posted by ryahlyn, — Reply

    Both comments are being sarcastic? Right? Its hilarious how low the bar is. If I ever make a joke on the internet Ill make sure to explain the joke in quotations (You see Im making fun of people who dont get sarcasm).

  7. Posted by flightofthebluealiens, — Reply

    The World Is Going To Roll the point is that those people you’re talking about, who label themselves as feminists, are actually misandrists and should be treated as such.

  8. Posted by graceghent66, — Reply

    He’s literally like the main character of the movie it has nothing to do with him being male she is a background person in it for like a second

  9. Posted by andmedkniv, — Reply

    Bruh everyone is missing the joke. It specifically says that "THIS EXTRA" was paid 10mil$ less than Pratt. Well maybe because extras don't get paid! Also it was an article making fun of feminism

  10. Posted by Humblez1, — Reply

    Bruh in the bruh, imagine actually thinking this is sexist, like “omg this women who was in one shot with no lines got underpaid then the main star who has a thousand more lines and shot than her

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