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"Beware of leopards" would have been enough here...


  1. Posted by hiya2810, — Reply

    Okay but then you would spend your time looking around in case there were leopards and a fucking deer carcass would kill you. Not the best way to go, mate

  2. Posted by greasysweet01, — Reply

    What else are they supposed to say? Can you beat a big cat in a foot race? You walked in after reading that sign, what more do you want?

  3. Posted by joshuabassler, — Reply

    Because leopards are medium sized fluff balls of anxiety who are commonly paired with dogs to help keep their stress levels down. The leopard is unlikely to actually try and attack you, but a falling deer carcass could kill. Edit yes I was wrong and it was cheetahs I was thinking about.

  4. Posted by JaneDoe2468159370, — Reply

    Know what hazards are in the areas you hike. I know when I go out I might run into bear, cougars, wolves, and coyotes. If they start hiding corpses in trees I'd appreciate the warning BEFORE I sh!t myself walking into a horror movie scene😮

  5. Posted by callen0188, — Reply

    It would suck if you can not read and go by the picture “oh deer can be found around here that’s cool *i can’t read the sign but it’s probably please do not feed the deer blah blah what ever”

  6. Posted by Chapop42, — Reply

    When you didnt read that sign and suddenly sth fall down "Mmh the weather report didnt say something about raining bloody carcasses"

  7. Posted by twickykitty, — Reply

    Well is true if you see a leopard you probably are about to die so either you see it or not won't change much... If you see the deer carcass you can still avoid it so... 😂😂 (joking ofc)

  8. Posted by kenzie1606, — Reply

    I mean it didn't say beware of falling humans, so I'd say that's your evidence that you're unlikely to become a leopard's prey

  9. Posted by walkerrunner26, — Reply

    Imagine you just walking along and than all the sudden a bloody carcass falls right in front of you. Smh 🤦🏼‍♀️

  10. Posted by nadinekevanbreda, — Reply

    It took me a LONG time to understand that sentence cause I kept reading it as leo-pards and I was so confused

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